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Advisor-CenterA Mainstream Investment Program:

In the U.S., per The Forum for Responsible and Sustainable Investment (US SIF), more than one in every five professionally managed dollars is invested in an SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, Impact) strategy.[1]  Whether you have added SRI capabilities to your advisory firm or not, we can help.

Growing Investor Demand - One study found that 75% of individual investors are interested in SRI investing, with millennials and women especially keen.[2] However, our own experience indicates a much smaller percentage of advisors meeting this demand.  This SRI service gap presents a significant opportunity for advisors.

Growing Advisor Demand - Many advisors know that SRI investing combines investment performance with values and responsibility, and they are attracted to the risk reduction that may come with the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions. Introduction to responsible investing...

Effective Investment Strategies - First Affirmative has standardized managed mutual fund strategies, as well as customized model portfolio strategies.  In addition, our commitment to creating impact in public markets includes our proxy voting and shareowner advocacy efforts - activities not performed by all SRI providers. Read more...

How we Help Advisors:

  1. Direct Relationship -   By becoming a Network Advisor - with a selling or solicitor agreement - you can have your clients access managed mutual fund and model folio strategies.  Contact Danielle Burns (571.480.0161) for more Network Advisor information.
  2. Asset Management Platforms - Our SRI strategies are available on a growing number of third party asset management platforms.  Contact Bill Hairgrove (719.374.2923) for information about the platforms on which we're available.
  3. Specially Curated Services and Resources - All advisors can join our optional program, which provides discounted tools and resources to support your growing SRI advisory business. Contact Danielle Burns (571.480.0161) for more information.

The First Affirmative Competitive Advantage:

With 28 years of SRI industry leadership, First Affirmative is uniquely positioned to help advisors and their clients:

  • Investment Experience - intimate understanding of SRI Fund/portfolio characteristics Read more...  
  • Investment Track Record - offering SRI investments since 1988, with an SRI managed mutual fund track record going back to 1998 Read more...
  • Deep Relationships - access to mutual fund and separate account managers
  • Industry Innovator - we developed the first unified managed account (UMA) program for SRI investors 
  • Dedication to Educating Advisors - we are the creator and longtime producer of The SRI Conference, and regional Investing for Impact events Read more...
  • Committed Shareowner Advocate - we work on behalf of the clients of advisors, often collaborating with industry partners, to engage with companies to positively influence their behavior  Read more...

[1] 2016 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States - US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

[2] Sustainable Signals: The Individual Investor Perspective - Morgan Stanley