Getting Started

Getting-StartedFirst Affirmative offers specialized investment assistance to socially conscious investors. We do this through a nationwide network of knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals. To view network advisor profiles, visit our Advisor Map.

To learn more about First Affirmative and how we do business, clients and prospective clients can Download our ADV.

Investment Advisor Representatives

Your advisor may be a fee-only Investment Advisor Representative of First Affirmative Financial Network. This means that your advisor is supervised by First Affirmative and can only offer investment services approved by First Affirmative.

Co-Fiduciary Relationships

Your advisor may be a representative of an un-affiliated firm doing business with First Affirmative by virtue of a Selling Agreement. Under this arrangement, you and your advisor hire First Affirmative to manage investment assets, and your advisor plays an ongoing role as your consultant.

You can expect both First Affirmative Investment Advisor Representatives and advisors operating in a co-fiduciary capacity to monitor the management of your portfolio, track progress toward your financial goals, and help you make adjustments along the way, as necessary.

Referral Arrangements

First Affirmative also accepts referrals. Those who solicit business for us cannot offer financial or investment advice. They will recommend that you retain us to manage your investment account(s); you become our client and we pay them a portion of the fee we collect from you as a referral fee.

Network advisors may offer securities through various broker-dealer firms and may charge commissions for certain transactions separate from First Affirmative that are not shared with First Affirmative. All fees and commissions charged to clients are clearly disclosed.

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