Institutional Investing

Institutional-InvestingFirst Affirmative serves institutional clients throughout the United States. The mission-driven organizations that choose to work with us seek to align their values or mission with their investments.

Our Institutional Consulting Services Group builds on the firm's twenty-year history and expertise in the realm of sustainable and responsible investing. We treat every client engagement as a fiduciary relationship and consciously seek to make recommendations that meet the highest fiduciary standards.

Each client engagement is unique and confidential. A Consulting Services engagement generally begins with a review or development of formal investment policies reflecting the client's social, moral, ethical, or religious values. We conduct manager searches and provide qualitative social screening overlays to a manager's traditional quantitative analysis, as needed.

We carefully monitor manager performance against benchmarks and do performance attribution analysis to ensure that the manager is adding value consistent with their designated asset class and style parameters. Additionally, First Affirmative votes client proxies according to our proxy voting guidelines. We are available for board education, portfolio manager evaluations, quarterly meetings, and telephone consultations.

First Affirmative's Chief Investment Officer, Kevin O'Keefe, CIMA, AIF, leads the Consulting Services team. Please feel free to Contact Us with questions or for more information.

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