Investment Process

Through our Sustainable Investment Solutions™ process, we design and manage investment portfolios that align as closely as possible with your values and goals, and we work to ensure that those goals are being achieved over time. Designing an investment solution to meet your unique needs is a multi-stage process:

getting-to-know-youGetting to Know You

We start with a Confidential Client Questionnaire that covers areas such as your current portfolio, financial comfort zone, risk tolerance, return goals, and values criteria. You meet with your advisor to complete the questionnaire and share any other information pertinent to the portfolio design process.

Portfolio Asset Allocation

We use the information you provide to develop a proposed investment strategy tailored to meet your unique needs. An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is developed to govern the management of your portfolio. Mutual funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), separate account managers, and other types of investments may be included in your portfolio, depending upon your situation.


After you have approved the asset allocation strategy, signed your Investment Policy Statement, and funded your account, First Affirmative will manage your account with discretion in accordance with your agreed upon investment policy. First Affirmative votes client proxies according to our proxy voting guidelines.

Reporting & Monitoring

You will have access to account information online in real time. In addition, First Affirmative provides quarterly consolidated performance reports. You and your network advisor monitor the activity in your account and meet periodically to discuss your progress, and to identify any changes in your situation that might warrant changes in your portfolio. Your advisor will communicate such changes to us.

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